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How I started playing
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I am playing guitar since 1981, I think. Actually, I never had regular guitar lessons, but started with the advice of a friend. After about 1 year of learing and practicing stuff like "House of Rising Sun", "Stairways to Heaven" and "Smoke on the water" I got involved into jazz.

Another friend showed me a couple of basic "jazz chords" and I started to practice them. I still remember that Sunday morning, when I was sitting on my bed trying to learn this weird minor chord that is played with the ring finger and the middle finger, which was so unusual to me. Thank God, I did learn it. Now I think this way to play a chord to be a good approach to play those "weird chords with the numbers".


Some time later I noticed, what chord voicings are good for and made use of it. I started playing the chords and the melody of a song simultaniously. That's no problem for somebody playing piano, but takes some practicing, if you are a guitarist.

After another year I got my first "Jazz" guitar - an Ibanez "George Benson" GB-10. Today I have a collection of various hollow bodies, semi-solids and solid body guitars.

The guitar, I play most of the time is a modified Japanese Squire Stratocaster. It was a cheap little guitar I intended to use just for playing guitar synthesizer, but after replacing the original pickups, it became my favorite all purpose guitar. I sure like to play the other, more expensive guitars, too, but it seems I only do that on high holidays.

While the past three years, I got into guitar synthesizers (I own a Roland GR09 and a Roland GR30) , preamps (various H&K Tubemen) and effects (choruses, reverbs and the great Digitech GSP-2101).

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