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So, who am I???

A skinny guy who got fat after working in a job for some years? Somebody with a constant fear of running out of fresh underwear? Kinda true... finally I am the guy who is bending the English language by writing all this stuff about guitars...

I was born April 24th, 1965 in Kiel/Germany. In 1976 I moved south to Munich (still have a problem to understand the local dialect).

When I was about 16, I started paying guitar and also making some money by writing software. This way I could afford to buy guitars and gear pretty early in my life. 1984 school was over, so I have made two years of brain holidays in the German Air Force.

1986, it was time to say good-bye to the Air Force. I started studying electronics at the TUM (Technische Universitaet Muenchen) here in Munich. That took eight years. Since I continued making some money, I could buy more guitars and gear. The technical term for this addcition is "Guitar Acquisition Syndrome" (G.A.S.). There is no cure for it yet.

My first job was working for a company that developes digital audio stuff for studio and broacasting purposes. That was a pretty interesting and challenging job and 70% of my colleagues where playing string instruments. I would have liked to work there for a longer time, but the payment was... well my mom told me not to use too many four letter words. This is why I have chnaged jobs after two years.

 Now, Im working for a company specialized on the developement of industrial electronics.

Actually, I don`t have enough time to play guitar anymore. When I am not at work, my wife and my baby son Jan want me to take care of them. I didn't give up the hope, that one day, I will have time for playing again. Everey now and then, I have a look at my guitars to remember how many strings a guitar has :)

Now, I am living south of Munich, between the big city and the Alps. We have bought a house there in 2003 and I have learned things like tiling, painting, carpeting the flor etc. Instead of guitars and gear, I have bought tools. I mean, big tools like a circular saw and a lawn mower, not the little screwdrivers used for adjusting a guitar :))) It's tooltime, baby!




Sept. 13th, 1999

Listen to me...

How I started playing

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