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Til now, I have replied to 100s of e-mails from the visitors of my website. Some questions have inspired me to put up something new on this website. Feel free to send me an e-mail. A friendly e-mail will always lead to a friendly reply (actually, I haven't received an unfriendly e-mail yet).

At present, the reply might take a bit, because we are very busy with our baby son. I don't download my e-mail every day anymore.

Mail your friendly feedback to:

The reason, why I don't write my e-mail address in a normal way anymore:
I receive 100s of spam mails every week, many of them are containing viruses and I am quite tired of it. I even thought of giving up using internet and having this website. There are spam machines scanning the net for e-mail addresses and very often, they find mine. So I hope you foregive me this inconveniece.

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