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How to build your own music slide rule in 10 minutes.
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All you have to do is to download the file, which is a GIF image. Print it out, glue the paper on some cardboard, cut out the parts and glue them together.

That are the tools: A pair of scissors, a cutting knife (may be useful), some glue and a ruler. A bottle might be helpful too. You can roll it over the parts you have glued together to apply some pressure.
Cut off the strip at the bottom of the page (back side of the slide) and glue the rest of the paper onto some cardboard.
Let the glue dry for some minutes before you cut out the parts.
Now you have the front, the back, two distance pieces for the sides and the slide. Don't forget to cut out the inner part of the front. A cutting knife is really helpful for that.
Glue the distance pieces onto the back. This forms the slot for the slide. It might be a good idea to use some slightly thicker cardboard for those pieces or to glue some additional thin cardboard onto them. This way the slot is wider and the slide slides in more easily. Remove the superfluous glue!
In case you didn't like the pizza that was in the cardboard box before it became your slide rule, glue some paper onto the back of the backside. You don't have to see what was printed on the cardboard when you pull out the slide, this way.
Glue the remaining paper strip (that is the back of the slide) onto the slide (the side which no paper is glued on yet). Rounding the corners of the slide makes it sliding in more easily.
Glue the front piece onto the distance pieces. And let it dry for a while before you slide in the slide.

Now slide in the slide and that's it. You could apply some clear foil on the parts, so the slide rule doesn't get dirty that easily. Also tape the edges with some clear tape, this will prevent them from being worn out soon.

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