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Nachricht Nr. 0553 aus Area GUITAR Exportiert mit Yuppie! v2.12
Datum: 13 Okt 99 10:32:42
Von : Bill Riley
An : All
Betr.: Fidojam 1999
Hello All!

Well the last Fidojam of the century is now history. A great time was had by
all. We jammed friday and saturday nights. This years bleeding ear award goes
to Rich (crank up that Fender) Lockyer. Not quite in the same league as Tom's
nuclear powered Traynor but close. Speaking of no-show Tom, we did a few
rousing chorus' of "Rockin' In The Free World" in his honor. Might have done
more if anyone had known any of the verses. An mpeg is availible from
somewhere or the other of it...

We made our annual pilgramage to Apple Music, where as usual McHarg made out
like a freaking bandit again. Found a tailpiece and bridge, in gold, to
restore his Les Paul to origional condition for under $20. Brand new! Seems
an Explorer had fallen from a peg on the wall, (very high up) and made an
awesome sound (so said the clerk) when it destroyed itself by hitting the
floor. It was parted out, and since we hit the day of their annual blowout
sale the prices were almost give away. Freakin' Canadians man, they always
make out!

We also stopped by Guitar Crazy where there were three lefty guitars in a row
begging for Vineburg. A Strat, Les Paul, and a Tele...what more could he want?

Sight seeing trips were also made up the Columbia River Gorge and around Mt.
Hood, which was puffing a little steam for the benifit of the tourists. Some
real Kodak moments were had. Sven finally got to see a sagebrush and a

Tons of fun were had, as anybody who's been to any of the jams can attest to,
but the most fun was had just meeting with all the people again and sitting
around swapping stories and catching up on everybodies lives.

Now onto the rest of the year and time to start planning your schedules for
Fidojam 2000!


Nachricht Nr. 0783 aus Area GUITAR Exportiert mit Yuppie! v2.12
Datum: 28 Okt 99 20:32:21
Von : Sven Petersen
An : All
Betr.: Echo Jam and other events
Hi there!

My trip to America and Canada was big time fun. I always think that "this time"
was even better than the times before, but maybe I am wrong and it is only why
it is "fresh".

My flight to Portland wasn't that bad. It was non-stop from Munich to San
Francisco and a short one from there to Portland. I was sitting with a buisness
partner (pure chance) and a lady from California, who told me that she enjoyed
the flight sitting with me (I dunno why). Well, now I really know everything
about that other guy's buisness and I had to behave... no severe farting like
on other trans atlantic flights. Therefore I blew off the roof of that
immigration booth.

The first two nights were pretty much ruled by my jet lag... but that was maybe
because Bill and I have watched some video tapes (Red Green Show etc.). Even on
foreign shores I tend to fall asleep in front of the tv. Actually I seem to get
a jet lag professional, since it worked out better than the years before. I
could sleep very well in North America, which is unusualy for me and I didn't
have a heartburn, what is unusual, too.

When Bill and I went out on Thrusday morning, Rich was already
sitting there. I don't recall what we have done while the rest of the day. I
guess, I was sitting in the back of Rich's truck and we had some burger far
out. I have seen some historic fort in Dayton. Kinda impressive, since it was
so little. I bet generations of the girls of that town were deflorated in
there. The rattle snake I have seen was a pretty small one. Acxtually I wanted
to eat one (must be great with lemon almond butter and a bit of basil), but
this one might not even be enough for a hot dog.

Fianlly we could convince Doug to come. I guess, Bill's "Drag your fat Canadian
ass down here" was pretty effective.

Doug came on Friday and brought a big cake. Pretty sweet, but since it was
unhealthy, I liked it. That night we played the "pre echo jam". I took a couple
of pictures with my digital camera. That's really great because you can
immediately e-mail the pictures home. This my friends could watch my beard (or
whtever that sauerkraut on my chin is called) growing. I played bass for a
while. Really liked that, since I haven't played bass in a long time.

On Saturday we did buisness as usual, that is going to Apple Music and Guitar
Crazy. I have sure forgotten to buy some of my "cough drop" picks (Stubbies).
After playing them for such a long time now, I tend to believe that "real
picks" have to feel that way and all others are strange.

The official opening of this years echo jam was in the afternoon at John
Haden's house. John Hrdciuk and John Lyster from the "Right Hand Drive" joined
us, playing drums and bass. IMHO that really improved the quality of the music
played at the jam. John became a good drummer after only two years of playing.
He seems to be talented. I have taken tons of pictures again and even taped the
other guys playing a cheesy version of "Rockin' in the free world" - thatw as
intended :)))

I played some guitar and some bass and enjoyed myself. We barbecued and had a
great time. "Same procedure as every year, James".

The next day was a bit slow and easy. We huing out at John's house again. Bill
took a nap on John's couch. I had my revenge for taping me snoring and took a
picture of that - my friends wife thought it was looking really cute :))) I
should have mpeged him snoring. Bill, you do snore!

On Monday Bill, Doug and me did some sight seeing. That was an awesome and
impressive trip down the Columbia River Gorge to the prairies and back via Mt.
Hood. The pictures I took were definately the best I have ever taken with my
camera. I have seen and smelled sagebrush and Mt. Hood steamed a bit. When we
came back, I thought that now I would know America.

Doug and I left Portland (actually Beaverto(w)n) on Tuesday. We should have
taken Bill with us. The drive to Port Angeles (which is way better than driving
to Vancouver and getting on the ferry there) was pretty scenic. The North-West
reminds me pretty much to Germany, not only because of all ther German names of
the stores etc. We had some beer for a buck in a bar in Port Angeles and took
the ferry to down town Victoria.

Doug's basement feels kinda like "home". Definately a place where I don't have
to worry about my snoring. I will always remember that smell of Tide and home
brewed beer in there. I can alredy walk fast without baning my head. Actually
in Victoria, I feel like at home and it seems that I have been away for maybe
two weeks when I come there.

I have slept like a baby every night. Usually 5 hours per night are average and
if somebody would tell me, that I would sleep for 9 hours in a row, I would
tell him that he is crazy.

The weekend was great. First I have been to "Lab Event" which is the world'
best garage party. Then we went to the local Oktoberfets, which was the first
Oktoberfest this year for me to get some beer. On Sunday we went golfing. It
was the 2nd time in my life and I really liked the Prosect Lake golf course.
It's pretty scenic and I thin, I haven't been that bad. For me, it took only 8
hits more than for the best in the group.

On my last night in Victoria Doug and I went to the "Duo Night" in the Red Fox
club. Nice show. The girls didn't do anything I wouldn't have done.

I have brought back a bottle (2 liters) of Heman's (Doug's friend) homebrew
(AKA He-Brew). Two days ago, a friend and I have drunk it. It was kinda high on
alcohol... at least 10% vol (20 proof). MY buddy is a big Canada fan now.

I have taken 353 digital pictures with my camera and some came out really good.
It took me a whole day to copy them to my HDD and to "Photoshop" them.

I want to thank Bill and Doug for the great time and their hospitality and John
Haden for hosting the echo jam for the 5th time now.

Take care

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