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Alan Holdsworth
One of the most influencial fusion guitarsite. He will always be my hero.

Nguyen Le
Donīt miss him, if you have a chance to see him live!

Pat Martino - Jazz Guitarist
I have some of his recent recordings... not bad!

John Scofield

Pat Metheny Group
He is a living legend!

A pretty good jazz guitarist... I am really impressed about his playing after I have seen him live on stage. BTW: He stepped on my feet when he was going off stage... haven't washed that foot since then, now it's sacred.

An awesome playing ol' jazz bum. I just love recordings like "concierto de aranjues".

A really interesting jazz guitarist... he is on stage for a really long time now, but is still innovative.

Wolfgang Muthspiel
A young Austrian jazz guitarist, who plays a pretty interesting kind of music. I have three of his CDs. None is any bad...

Official Al Di Meola Page
I guess one of the fastest guitar player in the world... sometimes it's realyl frustrating to listen to him, because he is not only fast, he can play music at high speed.

Mike Stern
A jazz guitarist playing a telecaster :) Not bad anyway.

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