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Ibanez Multi Mode Analog Delay AD-202
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The AD-202 is a 19" rackmount analog delay, that I have bought used in 1986.

A delay sounds like an echo, that means the delayed signal is attenuated and fed back to the input. The result are several repetitions of the input signal with a fading out level. The effect has two main parameters, that are the delay time (some milli seconds to some seconds) and the feed back level, that determins how long a sound will be echoed back.

The AD-202 offers some further parameters to be adjusted like a modulation rate and depth and the tone. This way it can be set up as a stereo chorus, a flanger and a delay. It wasn`t a bad unit at the time, when I have bought it. The sound of a digital delay is way clearer than that of this analog unit.

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