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Boss Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay PS-3
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A Boss battery driven pedal effect.

A pitch shifter lets you mix your original sound with a sound that is shifted up or down an adjustable amount of semi-tones. A detuner allows you to add slightly detuned sounds. A detuner is the more natural way to get chorus effects, since the detuning is constant. When two instruments are playing the same, they will never be exactly in tune and in the same time.

The PS-3 offers diferent modes like delay between 32ms and 2s, single detune, single pitch shift (+/- one semitone to 2 octaves), combined detune and pitch shift and dual pitch shift. it even works with more than a single note at a time, which is really important.

IMHO a good effect - I especially like the detuner. The only draw backs are the price and that adjusting the amount of pitch shift is kinda uncomfortable. You can`t see, what interval you have dialed in. Like most digital fx-pedals, it runs out of battery very soon. A power adapter is definately recommended.

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