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The GR-30 is a cool synthesizer and you get pretty much for your money. It has a great tracking (that means the play feel is rather natural) and the effects are Roland like (=great). IMHO the only bad thing is the display, it's hard to program the synth with just 3 digits.I would have paid some bucks more to get a better alpha-numeric display. Anyway, it doesn`t matter if you have a soundcard or a midi interface. You just need to download the GR30edit from the internet (refer to the links), some midi cables and to connect the GR-30. The software is available for PC and MacIntosh. It`s a great utility, a windows like editor that makes it really easy to build the sound you want. I`d really recommend to get it.

GR30edit (PC)

GR30edit (MAC)- Haven`t tried it out!

The NEW GR-30 page

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