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The following abrevations describe the degree of power or volume the music is played with.

These are abrevations of Italian expressions for the volume. pp means "pianissimo", p "piano", mp "mezzo piano", mf "mezzo forte", f "forte", ff "fortissimo" and sfz sforzando.


There are simbols, that represent the timing of a piece or just a measure or note. Again some Italian "comments".

Here are the "technical terms" for the speed of the piece and the beats per minute that they represent.

Largo 40 - 60 bpm
Larghetto 60 - 66 bpm
Adagio 66 - 76 bpm
Andante 76 - 108 bpm
Moderato 108 - 120 bpm
Allegro 120 - 168 bpm
Presto 168 - 200 bpm
Prestissimo 200 - 208 bpm
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